IPsoft take Amelia to Android & iOS

IPsoft has launched a mobile version of their popular Amelia platform for iPhone and Android devices.

The mobile version of IPsoft’s Amelia cognitive agent will enable companies globally to provide a cross-channel customer service experience to their end users.

Today’s consumers operate in a multi-platform world where they require a consistent experience across all channels. Across all industries revenues derived through mobile channels continues to increase with financial services leading the way and forecasting more than $100billion in mobile-based revenues by 2020 according to IDC.

This is a critical channel for enterprises not only for vital customer engagement but also for communication with employees. The Amelia mobile application provides companies with an extension of its existing workforce via an intuitive, voice-enabled, cognitive technology.

Semantic Understanding

IPsoft’s new application is built on Amelia, an artificial intelligence platform designed to problem-solve like a human, but in a fraction of the time. Through semantic understanding, Amelia interacts with customers through natural language and even senses emotions.

With the mobile application, customers have the ability to talk to Amelia, leveraging speech to text translation capabilities that are built into the technology. Integration with voice capabilities on iPhone and Android devices helps to further bring Amelia’s capabilities to life. In client environments, extending Amelia’s use onto mobile will simply involve the installation of the app and requires no further programming.

“We live in a mobile-first world where companies and end users are benefiting from the simplicity and immediacy of the technology. As IPsoft continually strives to address customer needs, we’re bringing our industry leading AI technology to the mobile world and helping companies provide a greater and more efficient customer experience to their end users,” said Edwin van Bommel, Chief Cognitive Officer, IPsoft.

We recently spoke with Ergun Ekici, Vice President at IPSoft about the popularity of Amelia, listen below.

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