Kaspersky Lab drive POS security

Kaspersky Lab have launched a dedicated point of sale solution for businesses to protect and secure payment platforms from the latest cyberthreats, including advanced malware attacks.

Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security is a specialized solution designed to protect vulnerable PoS payment systems and point of service machines, such as ATMs.

With 70 percent of malware families developed to steal data from PoS payment systems emerging last year alone, Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security provides advanced technology to safeguard sensitive financial data for a variety of industries using payment processing machines, such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, food services, banking and more. The new solution protects enterprise payment platforms from cyber threats, regardless of a remote attack, or the on-site compromise of a system via USB sticks.

In addition to the growing number of PoS malware attacks, nearly 100 financial institutions were affected by one of the most damaging ATM cybercriminal campaigns of 2014-2015, Carbanak. Most recently discovered in May 2016, is a new ATM Skimer malware targeting businesses that replaces hardware card skimers and forces ATMs to dispense cash. The rapid development of these high-tech bank robberies should be a concern for businesses with payment services platforms.

As threats targeting PoS payment systems and ATMs evolve from physical attacks, to more sophisticated virtual attacks, it’s critical for businesses to reconsider and update their approach to security. With this in mind, Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security specialized solution is designed to address:

ATM and PoS machines which are dedicated to one specific task and use a limited number of programs, making security installation on one program easy to deploy.
Limited-performance computers running outdated operating systems and software like Windows XP.
ATMs which are typically connected to the network via slow 3G and wireless channels and are geographically scattered across the world, presenting security and management challenges.


Advanced security beyond traditional compliance regulations, such as PCI DSS, which only requires that antivirus software is installed and regularly updated. Antivirus doesn’t effectively protect businesses from the latest cyber threats, including ATM and PoS malware.

“Upgrade cycles for ATM and PoS fleets are slow, and it is not uncommon today to find a perfectly working machine that was built more than ten years ago, running similarly outdated software, Dmitry Zveginets, Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security Solution business lead, Kaspersky Lab. “This is why we’ve created a product compatible with seven generations of computer hardware that protects the system, even without an internet connection, and is highly flexible, in order to meet the unique demands of retail and financial organizations as well as the industry regulations.”

Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security is designed to support minimum systems requirements of only 256 megabytes of memory and 50 megabytes of disk space, which is most common of ATM and PoS machines. This includes all Microsoft Windows operating systems starting from Windows XP as well as Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded 8.0 Standard and Windows 10 IoT.

The new solution also brings centralized reporting and management, a “Default Deny” mode that blocks attempts to run any unauthorized executable code or drivers on ATMs and PoS terminals, and it is also integrated with the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network to quickly respond to the latest versions of cyberattacks.

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