Linking existing Sustainability Frameworks and SDG targets to enterprise data

Many believe a global approach to enterprise sustainability could help us create a more climate-friendly future

SAP is working on an Enterprise Sustainability Impact Management platform in collaboration with UN, Deloitte and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, enabling enterprises to show their Sustainability Goal contribution to customers, investors and employees based on their operational data.

By simplifying, aligning and optimizing enterprise sustainability reporting and impact actions, enterprises can compete on sustainability and as well as uncover new sustainable business opportunities – enabling acceleration of investment and resources towards reaching the SDGs on a global scale.

In this webcast, a group of experts representing HPE, SAP and Deloitte discuss the initiative and how it aims to create a greener future for business.


Jesper Schleimann – Chief Innovation Officer, EMEA North – SAP

Sam Balaji – Consulting Leader – Deloitte Global

Brian Duffy – President, EMEA North, SAP

Chris Wellise, Chief Sustainability Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise