Managing clinical workflows with IoT

STANLEY Healthcare and InterSystems have announced the next stage in their strategic integration partnership to enable new Internet of things applications in healthcare.

IoT technology holds great potential to enhance the patient experience and increase efficiency in the delivery of care. STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout Real-Time Location System platform is one of the foundational technologies in healthcare IoT, giving hospitals visibility to the status and location of patients, staff and equipment. Now, through the power of integration enabled by InterSystems, hospitals are unlocking new value from the unique time and location data provided by RTLS for advanced use cases such as Patient Flow and Staff Workflow.

Hospitals are investing in these solutions to better understand and manage complex clinical workflows and the interactions among patients, staff and resources. Marrying real-time location data with clinical information systems makes these applications possible. STANLEY Healthcare relies on the InterSystems platform for critical integrations to electronic medical record and lightweight directory access protocol systems. The EMR to RTLS integration enables hospitals to streamline processes, eliminate dual data entry, and reduce human error through automation.

InterSystems develops connected care platforms and solutions that enable clinicians to capture, share, understand and act on their data, including the InterSystems HealthShare health informatics platform and solutions family. InterSystems customers are leading hospitals, health systems, health information networks, health plans, medical device manufacturers, labs, and other organizations serving hundreds of millions of patients worldwide. InterSystems enterprise service bus  technology provides rapid and reliable healthcare integration with out-of-the box support for global healthcare information protocols and messaging formats.

Automated Admissions and Discharge

The EMR integration made possible by InterSystems allows automatic admission, update and discharge of patients in the AeroScout solution, and the automatic assigning of RTLS badges when a patient checks in to the clinic. It also ensures that there is accurate patient information within the RTLS system. By enhancing location data with EMR-generated demographic and clinical information, and documenting patient journey information (staff assignment, room assignment, planned vs. actual visit times, etc.), the AeroScout solution provides context, automates patient flow processes and improves patient experience, staff flow and room utilization analytics.

Similarly, integration between the AeroScout solution and the hospital’s LDAP system allows for automatic updating of staff information from the LDAP within AeroScout. Hospitals can maintain an accurate list of staff members within AeroScout for such applications as Patient Flow, Staff Workflow, Staff Assist and Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring.

“Everyone can appreciate the need for massive, intelligent information flow in hospitals and healthcare – it is literally a matter of life or death. But few people understand just how complicated it is to keep that flow going,” says InterSystems Vice President of HealthShare, Joe DeSantis. “The Internet of things is not just about connecting devices, but also people, organizations, and communities. We are delighted to work with STANLEY Healthcare to make it easier for healthcare providers to deliver safe, efficient, and more connected care.”

“Hospitals and health systems are looking for new tools to help them improve the patient experience and patient outcomes while at the same time operating more efficiently. IoT technologies like RTLS are already making this a reality, delivering new insights on hospital workflows,” said Gabi Daniely, Vice President Products, Solutions and Marketing for STANLEY Healthcare. “A critical piece of the value delivered by our solutions rests on the interoperability with other healthcare information systems enabled by InterSystems. We are very fortunate to work with a like-minded partner who shares our goals for unlocking new value for healthcare providers.”