MEP Mady Delvaux calls for wider public debate about robotics

The Rise of the Robots? It’s here

Experts say robots will be able to do ‘most jobs’ within 30 years. That kind of prediction makes current international trade spats seem paltry in comparison to the brewing demise of humanity’s jobs market. It’s already happening. China’s Changying Precision Technology recently replaced 90% of its employees with robotics systems and saw a boost in productivity in doing so. Japan even has a hotel run by robots.

When it comes to the implications of the impending Johnny 5 era, Mady Delvaux is one of the European Parliament’s most vocal MEPs. She recently chaired a working group on the legal issues raised by the advance of robotics which led to the creation of a new EU resolution aimed at creating an agreed framework for ethics and standardisation in the space. She is also opening up the discussion to the wider public via consultation.

“My attitude has become more positive towards robotics as I can see all the advantages to humankind” Ms Delvaux told us recently. “What I am sure of is all of our jobs, the tasks, will change. Whether there will be a big loss of jobs or big creation of new jobs, nobody knows.”

Delvaux is calling for a common legal framework to be agreed and adopted by all EU members to ensure issues around liability, education and data privacy are acknowledged across Europe. We recently caught up with her to find out more about how legislation could work and what the socioeconomic implications may be. Listen below:

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Mady Delvaux MEP is appearing on a panel this week at CeBIT.  Find out more about the EU Parliament’s assessment of the implications of cyber physical systems.