Microsoft enhances Azure IoT Suite with Gateway SDK

As enterprise adoption of IoT technology ramps up, the demand for  simplified tools to manage and secure IoT devices increases. 

In acknowledgement of this, Microsoft have added new features and functionality to the Azure IoT Suite, providing customers with an accessible way to extend, manage and monitor their IoT devices.

With general availability of the Azure IoT Gateway SDK, Microsoft are giving customers even more flexibility in how they design and deploy IoT solutions, from the datacenter to the very edge of the network.

The Azure IoT Gateway SDK allows data to be processed close to the devices that create it, only sending truly necessary pieces to the cloud for further processing.

Enhancements to Azure IoT Hub device management capabilities enable IoT developers, administrators and operators to organize, monitor, query, configure and update software and firmware configurations across billions of geographically dispersed and cross-platform devices.

In a recent blog post, Sam George, Partner Director for Azure IoT at Microsoft commented “If an IoT platform doesn’t work with the assets a business already has in place, or requires employees to acquire new skills, the opportunity can be less impactful – or appealing.

“The Microsoft Azure IoT platform operates on your terms. It easily integrates your existing devices and services, is extensible with programming languages your developers already know, and seamlessly integrates with the back-end platforms already deployed in your business. Your solution can run on-premises, in a hosted or private cloud, or a hybrid cloud/on-premises combination.”

Introducing the Azure IoT Hub IP filter

As IoT devices proliferate, security and privacy are the obvious top concerns. Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub IP filter enables customers to configure IP filtering rules for their IoT Hub. This enables developers to instruct IoT Hub to only accept connections from certain IP addresses, reject certain IP addresses or a combination of both.

Microsoft hope the new Azure IoT features ‘help enterprises utilize their IoT solutions more effectively and securely, from the cloud to the network’s edge’.

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