How cloud-native applications are transforming IT

Cloud-native applications, those applications born in the cloud as opposed to those built on-premise, are much hyped to transform IT. 

“The pace of change is just frightening.” said Paul Dawson, Strategic Cloud Pursuits Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.  “One of the challenges the IT departments in these companies now have is, as developers start doing cool things with Docker, and it is amazing technology, you need to have an infrastructure and operation that can cope.”

It’s predicted that 80% of all apps by 2018 will be containerised and given their recently announced partnership with Docker and their Cloud Foundry certified cloud-native platform Stackato, Hewlett Packard Enterprise are now running cloud-native hackathons that offer a unique way to bring a business’ development team up to speed, giving them real-world set tasks in a dev-oriented environment.

“The simple premise that we take to customers is that we can make their developers cloud-native in 72 hours” Dawson added. “It’s not like sitting in a classroom and learning new stuff, they really get their hands on and create solutions they can use afterwards.”

We recently spoke to Paul in depth to find out more about how HPE are getting developers and their organisations ready for the cloud-native movement. Listen below:

Businesses interested in getting involved can contact their HPE account manager. Non-HPE customers can complete the form here requesting more information on Stackato and a tailor made hackathon to suit your business needs.

Read the Stackato data sheet