Nokia’s vision for 5G goes way beyond mobile

There’s much more to Nokia than the 3310.

Nokia are undisputed pioneers in the mobile industry, both in terms of handsets and network technology. While the revamped Nokia 3310 has stolen the show at Mobile World Congress, it is actually built by HMD Global who licensed the brand from the firm.

Instead, this week sees the Finnish telecoms giant focusing on their trailblazing network technology. As the 5G/IoT era approaches, businesses are looking for potential use-cases for 5G which will enable them to connect and automate heavy assets, sensors and vehicles. The network is, of course, the most crucial component in connecting the internet of everything but the painstaking research, development and testing that is going into realising this brave new world should not be overlooked.

But it isn’t just about the 5G of tomorrow. Nokia are still tweaking 4G/LTE to enable carriers to continue to improve customer experience today. The company made a number of big announcements before Mobile World Congress including the launch of Nokia 5G First and new spectrum sharing technology and as well as the news they have successfully delivered the first connection made conforming to 5GTF interface, the industry-agreed specification for ‘pre-standard’ 5G applications – a major milestone.

In a podcast we recorded with Nokia’s VP of Marketing for Networks, Phil Twist, he’s keen to point out that 5G opens up a world of possibilities way beyond mobile that will impact all industries.