New Data Exchange Service Syncs Data Between Providers & Health Plans

Data Exchange Aims to Transform Previously Manual Processes, Improve Data Quality, and Reduce Workloads.

athenahealth have launched a new health plan data exchange service which extends the company’s ability to drive performance for providers and for health plans. With the new service, athenahealth providers who exchange clinical data with payers for quality management, risk adjustment, and performance management programs will now be able to do so electronically, via a direct connection to participating health plans and their technology partners.

athenahealth’s health plan data exchange service seamlessly connects health plans and their technology partners to athenahealth’s EHR, athenaClinicals, digitizing what has historically been a manual and laborious process.  The electronic exchange process looks to reduce the disruption to providers of data requests and manual chart audits by health plans while delivering clinical data to health plans in a standard format.

“Electronic data exchange for health plans is another demonstration of athenahealth’s vision to connect care across the continuum, make information flow, and take on work for our clients — in this case, by reducing friction between health plans and providers in clinical data and quality reporting,” said Jonathan Bush, CEO, athenahealth.  “After hearing from our providers how disruptive manual chart audits are to their practices, and how incomplete the data conveyed through this process could be, athenahealth was inspired to leverage the power of the network to help unbreak the data exchange process between providers and health plans.”

Pop Health

The health plan data exchange service continues athenahealth’s longstanding work with payer partners, which includes automating and simplifying the medical billing process as part of athenaCollector revenue cycle management offering and, more recently, managing populations under complex payment models with athenahealth Population Health.

athenahealth has already established connectivity with Inovalon, Inc. as part of athenahealth’s health plan data exchange service, automating the transfer of structured and unstructured clinical data from athenaClinicals on behalf of athenahealth’s participating clients (including provider groups and health systems) to Inovalon on behalf of its health plan clients.

“Through our work with athenahealth, Inovalon’s cloud-based modular analytics platform enables the access to more accurate and complete clinical data and a more comprehensive application of analytics to further support the transition from volume to value for our health plan partners,” said Keith Dunleavy, M.D., chief executive officer and chairman of the board, Inovalon.

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