New IDC report offers c-suite guidance on the IoT analytics value proposition

Which IoT analytics solutions are ready to adopt now?

The Internet of Things will substantially change the mix of enterprise analytics and information management investments over the next 24 months to meet the scale, speed, flexibility and automation required to support sensor-based initiatives.

A new report from IDC provides an assessment of 25 AIM technologies that support the IoT and provides guidance about maturity and adoption risk for each of the technologies.

Continous Collection

A major goal of IoT is to take advantage of the insights from the continuous collection and analysis of sensor data and respond to those insights to drive business value.

“Insight to action must fall within a useful time window,” said Maureen Fleming, vice president for IDC’s IoT Analytics and Information Management research practice.

“That means the IoT AIM technology tier should be designed for the shortest time window of IoT workloads running through the end-to-end system. It is also critical that the correct type of analytics is used to arrive at the insight.”

As enterprises assess their existing AIM infrastructure, they are finding gaps in capabilities, in both skills and technology adoption. There is a focus on data-at-rest where sensor-based initiatives require data-in-motion supporting continuous analysts. This will prompt investments in technologies outlined in the IDC IoT AIM TechScape.

The IDC report, IDC TechScape: Internet of Things Analytics and Information Management, is available for purchase and is designed to help enterprises learn more about the newer AIM technologies that support IoT, align these technologies with an enterprise’s technology risk profile to determine what is ready to adopt and what should be monitored, and gain a better understanding of where an IoT team will need to create skills and competencies as it plans to adopt newer AIM technologies.

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