New tool from SAP sets out to accelerate application UX prototyping

SAP have launched a new user experience test tool called Build, a cloud-based platform that allows developers and enterprises to accelerate research and rollout of apps through UX prototyping.

Build is a key element of the user experience as a service (UXaaS) on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, a comprehensive cloud-based tool set that enables customers to address the challenge of scaling app development while ensuring the right apps with the right experience at the right cost are delivered to end users. UXaaS provides an end-to-end solution addressing key considerations at discovery, design, development and deployment of enterprise cloud applications.

With the introduction of Build, enterprises can now address the challenge of delivering a great user experience across a large number of apps by designing beautiful apps that truly meet end-user needs. Business analysts and other nontechnical users can use Build to quickly and iteratively develop a prototype, collect user feedback and leverage a gallery of ready-to-go templates. Build enables enterprises to address usability and adoption issues at the early phases of app development through effective needs discovery and app design with high-fidelity prototypes that developers can easily work with.

“Today’s digital trends are not just about technology but about uncovering breakthrough innovations to augment human capabilities and improve lives,” said Sam Yen, chief design officer at SAP. “Build aims to be the definitive resource for enterprise design innovation to help an underserved enterprise IT market learn, adopt and scale design thinking and user experience for the digital transformation.”

End User Driven

Customers and partners including ATB Financial are successfully using Build in their businesses to quickly and easily build applications that meet the requirements of end users.

“Build tools and design guidance helped cultivate the creative thinking needed to build a solution that made it two to four times easier to create a new business partner,” said Trevor Gartner, director, Customer Relationship Management, ATB Financial. “This creation of time for our team members is being used to listen and learn about our customer’s stories, which in turn has created happiness for our clientele.”

Build provides business analysts with the ability to:

 Create interactive prototypes collaboratively, leveraging a rich library of embedded design patterns and controls, and simple drag-and-drop features

 Gather continual feedback from end users as well as track usage analytics

 Leverage a growing gallery of application prototypes from SAP and the community to modify for their own needs

 Learn from a robust catalog of design content ranging from online learning around the core principles of design thinking to practical design best practices that can be implemented immediately

●  Jump-start development with auto-generated starter code, which can be quickly developed into a fully running application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

UXaaS is an integrated offering of SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Unlike stand-alone design tools, it offers the advantage of direct access to critical development and service functions of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which helps reduce the risk of a difficult transfer from design to development. This announcement was made at the SAP Spotlight Tour, being held September 13-14 in Palo Alto, Calif.