Nokia CEO lays foundations for 5G future

Nokia is preparing the communications market for a 5G future with a dedicated focus on technologies and services driving operators and service providers to the next-generation technology, President and CEO Rajeev Suri will outline this week.

In a keynote panel session at CTIA Super Mobility 2016, Mr. Suri is expected to talk about how Nokia is making technologies such as 4.5G Pro, as well as dedicated services, commercially available today to help operators, enterprises and public institutions build the essential foundations of the 5G world.

“5G will transform many aspects of our lives ,” Mr. Suri will say, highlighting applications such as healthcare, automation and connected driving. “Only 5G will deliver the capacity, connectivity and low latency to enable advanced applications, such as digital health – connecting medical practitioners with patients to continuously monitor vital signs, preventing conditions from becoming acute and helping doctors constantly adapt treatments to meet changing conditions.”

LTE Capacity

Mr. Suri will also highlight the role 5G networks will play in remote diagnostics and, potentially, remote surgery, along with the use of autonomous vehicles and drones in enabling a new era of digital healthcare. The path to 5G will enable major increases in LTE capacity, coverage and speed where and when they are needed, delivering up to ten times the speeds of initial 4G networks. Last week Nokia announced the launch of 4.5G Pro and the future deployment of 4.9G technology, making further enhancements in capacity, data rates  and network latency, enabling users to maintain a continuous service experience complementing 5G radio coverage.

“Of course, there will be no ‘day one’ for 5G, but instead a seamless transition from 4G through 4.G Pro to 4.9G and then to 5G. With our broad and expanded portfolio, Nokia is well prepared to provide all these technologies. With each step, more new possibilities will be opened up for people and businesses alike.”

With 5G promising to deliver extreme mobile broadband and large-scale critical machine-to-machine communication for a diversity of industries, enterprises and vertical applications, Nokia has launched 4.5G Pro as the next step in a path that will accelerate the journey to 5G.

In addition to launching 4.5G Pro, Nokia will this week make the first of a series of 5G-ready portfolio announcements, including the introduction of the ‘5G Acceleration Services’ initiative, a set of services that will allow operators to leverage the benefits of 5G technology, ensuring a smooth business, network and operational transformation to prepare for the programmable world that 5G will enable.