Cloud Foundry’s Open Service Broker API Launches as Industry Standard

Cloud Foundry, in collaboration with individuals representing Fujitsu, Google, IBM, Pivotal, Red Hat and SAP, today announced the launch of the Open Service Broker API project.

The Open Service Broker API project allows developers, ISVs and SaaS vendors a single, simple, and elegant way to deliver services to applications running within cloud-native offerings including Cloud Foundry, OpenShift and Kubernetes.

“Enterprise architectures remain complex,” said Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “A consistent model for exposing capabilities to developers across the architecture ensures these organisations focus on developing and deploying applications that truly differentiate their business. We are excited to work with key leaders across multiple organisations to continue to develop this capability.”

Many large companies are already in the process of implementing service brokers including Google, Red Hat and Microsoft. Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Kubernetes community has a special interest group defining a service catalog that will integrate with the Open Service Broker API.

“Building Block”

“With the industry move from infrastructure level management to service level management, there’s demand for an open API for service control,” said Jay Judkowitz, Senior Product Manager, Google. “The availability of Cloud Foundry Foundation’s multi-platform, multi-marketplace API is exactly what our customers need and will be a key building block for successful multi-cloud adoption.”

The Service Broker API accelerates the expansion of the global cloud ecosystem by providing a single path for developers to add services to applications.

“We consistently hear from cloud developers and ISVs that integration and portability of cloud-native application across platforms is critical to their speed and innovation. The new Open Service Broker API project means that developers will be able to leverage the same services across platforms,” said Todd Moore, VP Open Technology, IBM Cloud. “At IBM, we look forward to our continued work in partnership with Cloud Foundry, Cloud Native Computing Foundation and their ecosystem members to drive integration and portability of cloud-native applications with the new Open Service Broker API.”

“Developers build great cloud-native apps thanks to platforms like Cloud Foundry and our rich ecosystem of software partners,” said James Bayer, VP of Product, Cloud Foundry at Pivotal. “The Service Broker API greatly simplifies service interactions for developers, and by having other platforms use this innovation, our customers will benefit from an even larger ecosystem of marketplace providers.”

Developers can write and configure against a single API and reach many developers across multiple platforms. Get more information on the Open Service Broker API initiative.

Get the Open Service Broker API on GitHub