OpenDaylight “Powered by” recognises technical excellence

The OpenDaylight Project have announced the launch of its “Powered by ODL” program, which highlights products and services with exceptional technical standards and compliant with the platform.

The OpenDaylight ecosystem continues to grow and mature, with increasing numbers of solution providers incorporating OpenDaylight code into downstream commercial offerings. End users are increasingly turning to open source and OpenDaylight for speed of innovation, flexibility and improved interoperability. The “Powered by OpenDaylight” program was created to help end users identify quality OpenDaylight-based solutions while supporting vendors with their go-to-market strategies.

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of our ‘Powered by OpenDaylight’ program,” said Neela Jacques, executive director of OpenDaylight. “This marks a turning point representing OpenDaylight’s emergence as an industry-wide de facto standard. The program will make it easier for end users to identify OpenDaylight-based solutions that meet their needs and also support our members’ contributing to and building products and solutions leveraging the OpenDaylight platform.”

Core Components

Any individual or organisation offering an OpenDaylight-based product or service may apply for the trademark. Products that are “Powered by OpenDaylight” must include specific core components from a recent release of the OpenDaylight code base, as approved by the OpenDaylight Board of Directors. These products qualify for the official “Powered by OpenDaylight” logo and unique product naming rights.

Initial OpenDaylight-based products expected to receive the “Powered by OpenDaylight” trademark include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Serro, Inocybe, Ericsson and Brocade

“HPE has been a strong supporter and a founding member of the OpenDaylight project, and we are proud of the traction it has garnered as the leading open SDN platform,” said Nachman Shelef, vice president & general manager, HPE OpenSDN Business Unit, Communications Solutions Business, HPE. “Based on the recognition OpenDaylight has with our customers and the industry, we believe that the ‘Powered by OpenDaylight’ trademark will be a strong enhancement to our HPE OpenSDN portfolio.

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