“OpenStack has become mainstream” says HPE SVP Mark Interrante

“OpenStack has become mainstream, but it can still be complex for the uninitiated,”

Those were the words of Mark Interrante, senior vice president of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s cloud division, as he unveiled the latest version of the company’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering, HPE Helion OpenStack 4.0, to a packed auditorium on the first day of the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona.

Based on OpenStack Mitaka, Helion OpenStack 4.0 boasts improvements in security and application performance, as well as addressing the evolving interoperability needs of many businesses today. Building on the last version’s expanded configurability and deployment options, it now adds tighter administrative controls and improved scalability, all while staying close to OpenStack trunk code.

“HPE Helion OpenStack 4.0 gives organisations the tools and support they need to build new and update existing applications, without requiring IT’s direct involvement. We call it ‘more dev, less ops.’” Interrante continued.

In addition to suiting workloads across a variety of verticals and allowing businesses to easily manage new cloud technologies into their existing datacenter, it also enables communications service providers to deploy NFV applications with ease.

In today’s data-hungry world, CSPs must deliver near wire speed throughput and low latency as they transition from monolithic, proprietary networks to more agile cloud-based transit systems poweed by NFV.

“NFV has proven to be a killer use case for OpenStack,” said Sarwar Raza, vice president, NFV, HPE. “With HPE Helion OpenStack 4.0 as a foundation, carriers can count on always-on availability, reliability and performance for their cloud based networks, along with the freedom of choice open source provides, helping avoid vendor lock-in.”

With OpenStack 4.0, CSPs can benefit from accelerated virtual switching at near line-rate performance, open source flexibility and HPE’s broad partner ecosystem, which currently boasts almost 50 pre-tested, fully interoperable NFV solutions.

In addition, HPE announced general availability of HPE Helion Stackato 4.0, their cloud application platform providing developers with a container-based solution that includes a certified Cloud Foundry service, continuous integration/continuous delivery workflow and extensibility to connect to new and existing application services.

The OpenStack Summit in Barcelona is celebrating the technology’s sixth birthday as the open source cloud of choice. The event annually attracts thousands of OpenStack users from across Europe and with 451 Research predicting significant growth in the technology in the next four years, it’s safe to say Mark Interrante is right when he says OpenStack has definitely become mainstream.

Helion OpenStack 4.0 – what’s new?

  • Extensive ecosystem integration – the addition of out-of-the-box integration with the HPE Distributed Cloud Networking software defined networking solution, as well as certified support and lifecycle management of third party network services, such as F5 Networks load balancers and leading SDN alternatives, including VMware NSX-v and Midokura MidoNet, providing customers with increased options when formulating their networking strategy
  • Improved operations management – enhanced capacity reporting provides operators with visibility into how much compute and storage capacity is available, how much has been allocated and how much is being utilized to help “right size” cloud resources
  • Increased security – enhanced access controls provide new logging, auditing and monitoring features, reducing the attack surface of backend traffic
  • Increased scalability and application performance – new virtual machine (VM) auto-scaling provides a policy-driven way to quickly add or remove resources to an application to handle spikes in demand and auto scale them back down; new native support for accelerated network interface controller cards from Intel and new data plane development kit support for high-performance data transfers between tenant VMs

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