Ormuco brings its turnkey cloud stack to Finland

Ormuco Launches Fully Managed Cloud Service in Finland in Collaboration with HPE and ALSO

Ormuco, the Montreal-based IT provider that’s seen huge growth thanks in-part to its popularity with many of the biggest game developer studios in Canada, is bringing its flagship turnkey Ormuco Stack to Finland. The effort, delivered in partnership with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and ALSO, will provide services for independent software vendors, service providers, and enterprises.

The Ormuco Stack offers turnkey operations, making it easy for users to set up and explore. The integrated design is made to work smoothly with both private and public IT environments, meaning it is built from the ground up to meet today’s increasing demand for hybridized IT infrastructure.

The platform is also designed to meet Finland’s IT regulations and rules, ensuring compliance with data sovereignty requirements and excellent built-in security. Service providers and value-added resellers in Finland can now find Ormuco Stack on the HPE-sponsored Cloud28+ platform, from select HPE partners, and on the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

For ISVs, re-sellers and service providers, the Ormuco Stack provides a full-fledged cloud platform they can host in their own datacenters. Designed to compete with public cloud platforms, Ormuco Stack offers the type of seamless and intuitive interface enterprise customers demand. Furthermore, the stack is designed to scale seamlessly, enabling companies to turn to off-premises platforms as needed without losing service.

Ormuco Stack is “a ‘have it your way’ solution” says Ormuco CEO Orlando Bayter. 

Enterprise customers are able to have convenience, flexibility, security, compliance and optimal performance no matter where they run their workloads and store their data. Ormuco Stack ends the debate about public, private—the best of both worlds is available in a single stack, on premises or off, all managed through a single pane of glass.

Open Source

At the heart of Ormuco Stack are several open-source cloud technologies, including OpenStack, ensuring the platform continues to grow as the cloud evolves over time. Powering the Ormuco Stack is advanced artificial intelligence capabilities that use machine learning to improve performance over time. Self-healing capabilities provide reliability without needing human interaction. Baked-in AI technology also provides improved performance, helping companies make the most of their in-house hardware and spend less on external cloud services. The platform’s flexible design also makes it easier to automate processes, letting companies further reduce the need for human input.

ALSO customers can use Ormuco Stack as a basis for either time-based service contracts or for pay-per-use scenarios. Processing power comes from ALSO’s Tier 3 TUV-certified datacenters spread throughout 12 countries in Europe that run on HPE hardware. Ormuco are also partners of HPE’s Cloud28+ community. Olivier Hemmer, EMEA director of service provider and Cloud28+ sales, Hewlett Packard Enterprise believes the announcement demonstrates how Ormuco and Cloud28+ are “facilitating the multi-cloud solutions that fit customers’ needs.”

Cloud28+ simplifies hybrid IT for customers by allowing them to easily find partners and solutions that meet their custom business and regulatory requirements

We recently spoke to Ormuco president Orlando Bayter to record a podcast. Listen below or on Apple Podcasts.