PlaceIQ unveils groundbreaking audience location platform

PlaceIQ, the company building a new model of consumer behaviour by connecting physical and digital activities across time, space, and mobile devices, today announced the introduction of LandMark, its first data-as-a-service capability.

The first data offering of its kind, LandMark offers seamless access to PlaceIQ’s vast set of accurate, curated audience, behavior and visitation data – built on an understanding of billions of location-enabled daily device movements – via any data tool of choice: direct integration, third-party Business Intelligence tools, PlaceIQ’s own BI interface or standalone files.

LandMark is the latest industry innovation from the pioneers in location data. PlaceIQ’s premier movement and audience data source enables data enhancement, insights and in-house analytics for a wide range of existing and new clients: advertisers, media agencies, brands, financial services enterprises, publishers, consulting firms and more. By leveraging LandMark, these entities can for the first time apply location-derived insights on their own premises and across a wide range of key business decisions. Some examples include:

  • Advertisers and media agencies: Use location-derived consumer insights to inform every aspect of media decision-making. These insights can fuel effective media planning and activation for campaigns, as well as offer sophisticated customer analytics that power longer-term strategy – across display, mobile, television, out of home, and more.
  • Brands: Applying location-based insights for end-to-end business decisions in key marketing categories such as retail, auto, CPG, and hospitality will allow brands to harness insights to inform more effective merchandising, product development, customer segmentation, retail site selection and competitive positioning strategies.
  • Financial services firms: Analyse and understand real-world foot traffic as well as behavioural trends as a key indicator for equity analysis, in order to drive investment and trading decisions. These firms can use location-powered insights to stay apprised and ahead of market trends, and drive new and unique investment strategies.

Legacy Integration

As a data-as-a-service offering, available via subscription or license, LandMark has been designed to offer flexibility in the way clients can consume PlaceIQ’s powerful movement and audience data for decision-making. For example, LandMark can be accessed via clients’ own business intelligence tools, via PlaceIQ’s BI interface, pre-packaged reports or directly via an API. LandMark customers can also leverage Place Visit Rate, PlaceIQ’s industry-first, proprietary foot traffic measurement solution.

“LandMark is made possible by our legacy of perfecting how location data is understood,” said Duncan McCall, CEO and co-founder of PlaceIQ. “For more than six years, PlaceIQ has dedicated itself to refining the basic building blocks of location insights, such as movement, mapping and measurement. Through our work with leading brands across many verticals, it has become evident that they now view location as mission critical, and desire to use it to accelerate their business success.

“LandMark is a giant step forward for PlaceIQ because it grants these entities access to movement-derived insights, built from the industry’s premier location dataset. The larger significance of this milestone is showing how location data can act as a horizontal business enabler, to solve for nearly any business challenge from competitive intelligence to sales forecasting to retail site selection.”

PlaceIQ will being offering beta availability for LandMark in January 2017, with a full launch scheduled in Q1 2017.