Cloud28+ hits the USA with first member DSM

DSM Technology Consultants become first US member.

Among the many announcements made at HPE’s Discover London 2016, was the global expansion of Cloud28+, the partner ecosystem that transcends borders to match cloud service providers with businesses who have a precise requirement.

Cloud28+ essentially acts as a matching service, enabling businesses to pick services based on SLAs offered, compliance standards, locality and a variety of other key criteria. Over 300+ cloud services from close to 400 Cloud28+ members are offered, but until recently the community was strictly an EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) project. The addition of DSM Technology Consultants (“DSM”) as the project’s first North American member, heralds a new, global chapter in the ‘cloud of clouds’ story.

DSM  has an impressive history, opening shop in 1986 to become one of the US’ leading VAR and systems integrators, before morphing into a recognised cloud, serving key public sector and corporate clients across the United States. Boasting an impressive cloud offering that features a suite of ‘as a service’ solutions including Infrastructure, Disaster Recovery, Data Protection and Security.   DSM’s Professional Services team guides its clients on their cloud journey, offering assessment, mitigations and migration services.  DSM is a solid addition to the already impressive Cloud28+ member list.

Collaboration at its core

So what does Cloud28+ offer both US businesses and its vendor members? “Probably the most important part is the collaborative community it opens up. You can join forces with other companies that may offer complimentary services.” says John Tomljanovic, SVP, Solutions Development at DSM Technology. We spoke exclusively to John to find out what it means to be the first US member of the community, regarding how everyday businesses now have a true cloud community as a resource to help them navigate the cloud.

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