How Konica Minolta are Aiming to Power the Future of Work

Simplifying intelligent IT for the AI & IoT era

As businesses scramble to adopt the latest mobile, cloud, AI and IoT technologies, some of the biggest challenges they face are device obsolescence, the skills gap and interoperability. For example, many businesses who may want to adopt AI technologies may not have data scientists on hand to help them fully leverage the intelligence to its full advantage. For other companies, just managing their complex IT and software needs may be a major roadblock to growth. Creating intelligent work spaces that react and adapt to employees and enhance productivity is the holy grail of the so called future of work.

Konica Minolta is bringing that future a little nearer with a revolutionary new product, the Workplace Hub. As the name suggests, Workplace Hub is a central location for future mobility, AI and IoT systems to connect through. But it isn’t just about latest technologies, the Hub also helps even an IT generalist manage things like software provisioning, cyber security, printing and back office systems. Workplace Hub is able to incorporate and update these technologies in a congruent fashion to create true office interoperability.

“We really wanted to understand what are the key elements of the workplace and look at how we can tackle all of them” says Christian Mastrodonato, Chief Technologist at Konica Minolta. “The Workplace Hub is a platform that is a combination of different hardware devices, platforms and services, with the main aim is to reduce the IT complexity of our customers.”

Productivity Meets Simplicity

The launch slogan for the product, “IT on your terms”, backs up Mastrodonato’s vision. Workplace Hub is designed to grow and evolve as the technology does. What this means for organisations is increased productivity and connectivity while being able to substantially lower costs. Workplace Hub is designed to simplify IT for any size business and those with remote locations and was built in partnership with a number of industry big hitters including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Sophos.

As well as being future-proofed for IoT, mobility and AI, its admin platform combines WiFi, user and asset management, security controls and a combined platform to manage storage and back-up. It also boasts a Team Space interface which combines print management, enhanced team collaboration and file sharing tools. Konica Minolta also offer managed services as part of the package, for those businesses who prefer the hands-off approach to IT.

Artificial intelligence and IoT will be the norm soon and with systems like Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub as the centerpiece to bring everything together, that reality just got a little bit closer. We recently spoke to Christian Mastrodonato to find out more about this trailblazing new product category.

Find out more at workplacehub.konicaminolta