Ransomware: rewinding your IT back into your control

Your IT and customers deserve a back up plan

With the growing trend of ransomware attacks, recovering from an IT outage or adversary hack is a core consideration for every business, large and small.

Nowadays it only takes one click from an employee to put an entire company at risk, as many businesses are finding out on a daily basis. So how do you prepare for the worst, both on premise and in the public cloud?

“The low hanging fruit is disaster recovery” says Mehran Hadipour from Zerto.

“If you’re moving critical applications into the cloud, you need to make sure you can recover those applications in minutes.”

In the last 8 years, Zerto have emerged as one of the most trusted companies in the disaster recovery space. They have released a variety of trailblazing virtual replication solutions over the years and Forbes recently named them as one of the best cloud companies to work for in 2017.

The company recently previewed new technology for enterprise-class application replication and recovery going to and from public cloud. It boasts new analytics features that show real-time and historical trend capabilities for any Zerto protected multi-target environment.

We spoke to Mr Hadipour, their global head of business development, to talk about industry trends.

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