Many companies are already planning or implementing AI projects as part of their ongoing digital transformation strategy. are focused on helping companies harness the power of their data by bringing AI to the mainstream through software innovation and creating an Apple-like experience for data scientists. Its enviable customer roster includes multinationals like Capital One, Cisco and PricewaterhouseCoopers, all relying on to help them make better predictions, deliver ready to use algorithms and put big data to work. It’s flagship open source platform, H2O is the positioned as the leading machine learning prediction engine for Spark and Hadoop workloads.


“Vertical is the new horizontal. Our largest customers are transforming their businesses with data and AI and nurturing their communities with beautiful data products. Visual experience and the interpretation of AI is crucial for further democratising algorithms and making them easily accessible,” said CEO Sri Ambati.

The company recently announced a collaboration with IBM which aims to bring its machine learning and deep learning technology to their growing community and to strengthen ties between the Spark and R communities. has already led the development of Sparkling Water, an API for Spark that allows users run the H2O machine learning platform on top of Spark.

As part of this collaboration, H2O’s machine learning capabilities will be made available through IBM’s Data Science Experience. Users will be able to use either a Python or Scala interface to invoke H2O’s Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms for data analysis and then execute the corresponding job or application on a Spark cluster. will work with IBM as an ecosystem partner to build relationships within the open analytics community and make it easier to build solutions.

In the latest instalment of our AI in Business Festival we spoke to Sri to find out more about and ask his predictions for where AI and machine learning will disrupt industries over the next few years.

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