What is risk management in the cloud?

The road to digital transformation is undoubtedly laden with various hazardous factors, many of which are often overlooked as having any significant risk to a business. 

An organisation’s IT infrastructure can present a range of potential challenges that, given the huge fines and sometimes fatal PR attached to high profile breaches, need to be avoided at all costs. While larger companies often have the resources to dedicate a team of risk specialists to determine their security and compliance-related landscape and help them act accordingly, this simply isn’t an affordable option for smaller companies.

In these cases it often falls to the CEO, CIO or sometimes even IT administrator who may be responsible for ensuring their data is safe and secure. So where do they start and what factors do they need to consider? Does owning your own infrastructure mean less risk?

For the tenth podcast in our Cloud Security guru series, we spoke to Chris Steffen, Chief Evangelist for Cloud Security at Hewlett Packard Enterprise to ask him these questions and more.

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Read Chris’ blog post ‘What is Risk Management in the Cloud‘ on the HPE blog.

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