Salesforce debut Industry 4.0 services

Salesforce Industry 4.0

Last week at Dreamforce, Salesforce launched new services on its platform designed to make the most of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This new release enables the hundreds of millions of people using Salesforce to create a more personalized experience that prioritizes customers.

Dreamforce 2017 featured customers from 91 countries, and more than 10 million online viewers participated in four educational, innovative, and fun days. The Customer Success Platform was the star of the first day of events, which saw the release of new services improving the platform’s capabilities for personalization, artificial intelligence, and online learning. Targets included mobile devices and the Internet of Things, with the launch of their new Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition.


The point-and-click interface of myIoT lets users of all levels leverage the power of IoT connectivity. Supporting rules-based automation capabilities, myIoT is easy to use for developers, admins, and business users. Support for device, application, and sensor data offers a comprehensive suites of capabilities.

Also unveiled was the Quip Collaborative Platform, designed to offer a comprehensive platform for interactive live document creation and editing. Live Apps, which can be embedded within Quip, enable easy access of real-time data. The centralized canvas is easy to access, enabling users of all skill levels to learn and use it, and workflow templates make it easy to develop product roadmaps, prep for product launches, and map sales territories.



myTrailhead is a modern platform for continuous learning. Gamification features provide a dynamic experience, and the updated software will provide extensive features for branding and honing the look and feel of the environment, and the drag-and-drop interface is easy to learn and use.


myEinstein’s click-centric design eliminates much of the difficulty of traditional programming. Two new machine-learning platform services will add even more features. The Einstein Prediction Builder enables the creation of custom AI models, and Einstein Bots are trainable with historical CRM data and historical services to better interact with customers.


The Lightning framework provides powerful features for declaratively creating custom applications. The click-based design lets admins adjust colors, background images, and branding images, providing an extensive production-based user experience.


mySalesforce lets users create and deploy modern and powerful mobile applications using a simple yet powerful point-and-click interface. Users will find an easy interface to release apps on Google Play and the App Store, and configuration, testing, and publishing features offer a complete experience.