SAP boosts IoT start up scene
with new accelerator

Software trailblazers invite IoT startups to apply for their new accelerator

Next week, SAP will open the doors to their first IoT Startup Accelerator program at a state of the art facility in central Berlin.

The SAP “Data Space” will house some of the industry’s most innovative IoT start-ups who will be able to tap into the software giant’s industry expertise and customer ecosystem as well as collaborate on a variety of IoT projects aimed at solving real problems. The program is part of SAP’s 2 billion Euro investment in IoT initiatives.

The three-month program will focus on market analysis and developing real-world solutions for specific industry needs. SAP will provide industry experts to help participating companies identify potential customers as well as provide access to their software, enabling them to turbo-charge growth and innovation. The participants in the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator also benefit from working closely with the global SAP Co-Innovation Lab Network and all the other established startup programs at SAP.

SAP/Charles Yunck

“The IoT is a prime example of where a strong network and access to new technologies are key to creating clear business value for customers,” says Eva Zauke, who is head of the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator program and COO of IoT and Digital Supply Chain at SAP.

We recently caught up with Eva and Peter van Schalkwyk, CEO of one of the startups, XMPro, to find out more about the program.

Listen below:

The First Class

The first batch of start-ups participating in the accelerator are:

Skysense offers a solution that enables enterprises to deploy drones for industrial inspection with only minimal human intervention. The drones gather live data from technical assets that are difficult or dangerous to access – such as oil and gas drilling stations and wind turbines – flying through a reusable set of pre-defined waypoints and automatically collecting maintenance data as they go. This is an improvement on current drone deployment technologies, which require a new flight plan to be entered for each flight.

Synfioo is a software platform for monitoring transportation chains accurately and end to end in real time. Synfioo augments customers’ existing IT systems to allow automated transportation planning. It alerts customers immediately to any disruptions – such as traffic jams, customs checks, strikes, and bad weather – that could jeopardize their transportation plans, enabling them to re-plan early based on the very latest data available.

XMPro links mechanical and electronic systems with enterprise software in the industrial environment. Today’s manufacturing and processing industries generate vast amounts of data. XMPro has developed a solution that reads this data quickly and easily and uses it to trigger business events automatically in real time.

Find out more or apply to the program here