SAP bolster IoT platform with blockchain & digital twin technology

SAP’s Leonardo platform gains new edge

SAP have unveiled a major expansion of Leonardo, their IoT platform, at their SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Orlando. Previously known as a platform for SAP’s Internet of Things portfolio of services, Leonardo has been extended to include a number of new technologies. These include a Blockchain service, a new digital twin solution and a machine learning toolset to allow companies to analyse and extract insights from their repositories of Big Data .

SAP hopes that by integrating a number of brand new technologies into one unified innovation platform, their users will be able to radically expand and improve their business processes.

They plan to offer this platform in a number of configurations. For domain-specific problems in industry, operating on a fixed-price and a predetermined timeline, they can implement what they are calling “industry accelerators”. Alternatively, they will also present customers with a custom solution for their particular business needs where flexibility is required.

Digital Twin

The concept of digital twin technology is an extension of the Internet of Things. It refers to the idea that any object in the physical world can have a digital counterpart. This digital twin can then be used for modeling, prediction, monitoring and analysis. Integrating knowledge gained from their strategic acquisition of Fedem Technology last year, who have 30 years experience in the simulation engineering processes, SAP have launched their implementation of the digital twin service.

SAP SapphireNOW 2017

SAP has also recognised that blockchain technology offers a completely new way of thinking for many businesses. It allows them to integrate high level of trust, transparency and validation into their processes, while benefitting from a robust decentralised architecture. SAP’s new Cloud Platform Blockchain will allow their customers to start integrating these capabilities into their applications.

Finally, the Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation is designed to offer a set of tools that will allow advances in areas like customer retention. By performing high-level analysis of a customer’s behaviour, predictions can be made about whether they are likely to move to a competitor. This allows for action to be taken before that can happen.

In order to fully expand this new ecosystem, SAP will collaborate with Deloitte to offer new solutions to their customers in the areas of finance and supply chain management. Additionally, they will work to integrate the new potential unlocked by Leonardo into their current applications. This will begin with setting up a number of Leonardo Centers in New York, Paris and Bangalore.

We recently spoke to SAP SVP for Leonardo Tanja Rueckert to find out more about the platform. Listen below