Securing Your Cloud Requires a New Approach

Despite the onset of cloud computing, concerns around security are still one of the main inhibitors to enterprise adoption.

The paranoia is understandable – hosting your mission-critical data and applications in datacenters you don’t own or manage naturally translates to a feeling of having less control. However, many of the major security breaches that have hit the headlines in recent years have been attacks on organisations own on premise IT environments, not their cloud provider’s.

Moving existing security practices to the cloud can be straightforward if you’re an SME, but the chances of cloud providers being able to match the same complex security perimeters as a larger enterprise may be more complicated.

“If you are a massive enterprise and you have extremely mature controls and multiple years of auditor or SOX compliance under your belt, migrating to a public cloud provider might be difficult.” Christopher Steffen, Chief Evangelist of Cloud Security at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, speaking to us recently. “The best solution for that sort of company with those kind of mature security controls is to look at some kind of hybrid cloud environment”

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