STANLEY Health refreshes Arial Platform

[dropcap type=”default”]S[/dropcap]TANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility solutions and analytics for the healthcare industry, today unveiled its new web-based Management Dashboard for the Arial Emergency Call platform.

The dashboard harnesses the power of real-time visual analytics to give executive directors and others a comprehensive overview of how their community or network is performing against key benchmarks for resident safety and security.

The dashboard is available to new and current Arial customers as part of the Arial 9.3 software release.

The Management Dashboard transforms established metrics used to measure performance into intuitive, visual information that unlocks new insights into how to improve resident care and efficiency. Benefits include:

  • Clear, consistent benchmarking – Detailed understanding in real time of how the community is performing by shift, time of day and day of the week;
  • Enterprise visibility – As a web-based solution, the dashboard can be accessed from any location, and enables monitoring of multiple communities;
  • Improved resident care – Highlights immediate opportunities for improved performance overall, as well as individual residents who may need particular attention.

“We developed the Arial Management Dashboard because our customers asked for a better way to see and understand their performance, and in fact many of the elements of the dashboard are a direct result of our customers’ feedback,” said Mike Webster, Senior Solutions Manager for Senior Living and Security, STANLEY Healthcare. “Success in today’s assisted living marketplace requires high levels of customer service and responsiveness to the changing needs of each resident. The dashboard takes the guesswork out of continual improvement by harnessing data to show communities where and how to improve.”

Real-time Visual Information
The Management Dashboard uses intuitive graphical elements to provide a quick and comprehensive overview of performance. Color-coding makes it possible to absorb current status at a glance, with the threshold for performance fully customizable based on the community’s particular service goals.

Elements of the dashboard include:

  • Total Alarms: The total number of alarms received from a portable Arial pendant or a fixed call station on the selected date;
  • Average Response Time: The average time it took for a staff member to clear a call for help from a pendant or call station;
  • Responses over (X) Minutes: The percentage of calls that took longer to respond to than a configurable threshold in minutes;
  • Average Reset Time (wandering incident): For communities using STANLEY Healthcare’s RoamAlert® Wander Management solution integration to Arial, this shows the average time to clear a wandering alert;
  • Frequent Requests: The top 5 sources for calls from pendants or call stations;
  • Alarms by Shift: The number of calls by shift; shift duration is configurable;
  • Alarms by Category: The breakdown of all alerts in the Arial system: calls from pendants, calls from fixed stations, wandering incidents, and alerts from other devices such as smoke detectors;
  • Number of Alarms by Hour: This bar chart shows peak times for calls over the day.

Arial 9.3

In addition to the Management Dashboard, the Arial 9.3 software release includes a number of enhancements to the Arial solution, including:

  • Web-based Reports – Complementing the web-based Management Dashboard is a new web-based reports engine that enables executive directors and corporate leaders to run reports from anywhere at any time. All reports for the Arial solution are available, including Alarms, Average Response Times, and Daily Check-In.
  • New Wireless Sensors – Four new sensors are now supported to expand the applications for the Arial solution:
    • 360° Motion Detector for safety and security applications and to automate daily check-in;
    • Environmental Sensor to automatically monitor ambient temperature and humidity for comfort and proper conditions for infection prevention;
    • Glass Break Sensor to protect against break-ins;
    • Long Range Universal Transmitter to extend the wireless range of devices without major wireless infrastructure additions and cost.

The Arial solution is a comprehensive platform for resident safety and security. In addition to providing wireless emergency call from portable pendants, wireless nurse call and built-in wander management capability, the Arial solution supports multiple integrations to extend functionality: wired nurse call systems, fire alarm panels for secondary reporting of fire alarms, facility management and building automation systems.