“Start Now, Think Big” in IoT advises SAP’s EVP Tanja Rueckert

SAP is taking its IoT inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci

SAP’s Leonardo IoT platform has been designed from the ground up to fulfill the needs of companies embracing industrial IoT. It answers calls for a system which supports better customer satisfaction as well as the ability to consolidate the manufacturing process and digest the increasing amount of data gathered across countless assets.

The platform works to combine these outcomes while also offering a range of benefits including predictive maintenance, asset automation and combining back office and “thing” data to create deep, vertical/horizontal insights.

“Internet of things influences all industries,” says SAP’s executive vice president, IoT and Digital Supply Chain, Dr.Tanja Rueckert.

“Right now everybody sees internet of things as a separate discipline. I believe in ten years from now, it will be a logical or essential element of not just all business processes, but also our lives.”

Automated data communication and decision-making has been made even more critical thanks to the internet of things. Leonardo crunches large quantities of business data that can be analysed instantly. This allows companies to show their internal workings, current activities, and successes in real-time to the parties who may be interested – including senior management, investors, key stakeholders, and customers.

Polymath Platform

The name Leonardo is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, the scholar famous for mastering multiple disciplines in art and science. “It’s exactly what IoT is,” Dr. Rueckert adds. “It’s not only thing data, it’s big data, machine learning, wearables, augmented reality, blockchain.”

It’s that polymathic vision which makes SAP Leonardo a true multi-discipline, cross vertical tool.


Another important discipline where the marriage of data and precision is critical is 3D printing. This week SAP debuted a brand new application in the Leonardo portfolio – SAP Distributed Manufacturing. The platform aims to bring 3D printing into mainstream manufacturing for good by supporting the end-to-end supply and demand process.

It allows companies to manage and monitor procurement, design, and logistics from one interface. The software giant has been quietly trialing the application with over 45 customers and service providers in the 3D printing ecosystem.  SAP Distributed Manufacturing was announced at Hanover Messe this week.

“Start Now”

SAP are aiming to help industrial firms kick-start their digital transformation with Leonardo, helping them gradually introduce the benefits of industry 4.0 into their company without hindering the manufacturing process, overwhelming staff members, or the customer. A gradual approach allows for timely solutions to unexpected issues, strategic planning, integration, and more effective internal training.

SAP pledge to help customers on this journey. “We have a jump start program with three steps” highlights Dr. Rueckert. “We have a design thinking workshop where we work together with you and identify where is the highest value, what is the business KPI, what is the business case. It continues with a prototype within one week. You can touch and feel the product with the data of your company. Then within three months we have a productive pilot.”

Listen to our full interview with Dr. Rueckert below. SAP are at Hannover Messe this week (Hall 7, Stand B04)