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By 2035 it is expected that IT will consume 8.5 % of all global power, compared to 5 % in 2021. With the prospect of corporate ESG scoring on the horizon, environmentally conscious business leaders are asking: can IT and sustainability go hand in hand?

Planning IT systems, business management strategies and environmental policies can work in parallel. Bringing down the carbon foot-print of IT, not only needs changes to the way IT is deployed but also how it’s consumed. Increasing renewable energy use, reducing emissions, eliminating waste through sustainable procurement and increasing efficiency through innovations in datacenter cooling are all contributing to the shift.

Digitization driven on a coal-powered energy supply isn't going to be good enough. Every year it keeps getting more serious.
Michael Winterson - Chair, European Data Center Association & MD, Equinix

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STRATEGIES FOR Sustainability

Approaches to Power & Cooling

Datacenter power and cooling techniques and innovation – rethinking energy models

Consumption Trends

Combating e-waste and cloud overprovisioning

Making Renewables a Reality

How realistic are renewable energy sources for underpinning AI, HPC and data analytics from edge to cloud?

Building a brighter future with a greener approach to IT 

Sustainable IT Summit is a new conference series aimed at helping business stakeholders make informed decisions about sustainable IT strategies.

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