The Digital Maturity Journey, the Trust Leap and other key concepts in digital transformation at Digital Business World Congress

Madrid, 24 April 2017 – DES – Digital Business World Congress, the biggest global meeting on digital transformation, is putting the finishing touches to its second edition, which will focus on concepts such as the Digital Maturity Journey and take a holistic approach to all the implications of the change involved in the boom in digital business.

The Digital Maturity Journey helps companies find out where they are in the digital transformation process and where they are going. It also implies a commitment by directors to help their companies evolve. Another issue that has become crucial is the leap in trust and the role of lawmakers. Governments must accept their role in this revolution and facilitate companies’ growth. One example could be the legislative changes to create a single digital market, with another aimed at public and private investment, representing, according to Altés, “an opportunity for Europe to position itself and become more important in the digital revolution in which we are already immersed, when faced with the current international scene, although this also requires leaders who are prepared to join forces to move in the same direction.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Trust Leap’ refers to society’s evolution in terms of who consumers/clients trust. According to Altés, “the 20th century was marked by confidence in institutions while the 21st is characterised by a trust that is spread out and based on responsibility.” Creator of the concept Rachel Botsman defines this leap as the relationship between trust and the unknown.

Altés ended his intervention by highlighting that the change being witnessed is not only taking place in the business world. “We are in the middle of a revolution that is changing everything: the world is increasingly becoming a digitally enabled network of people, things and services, where the creation of an analytical culture is becoming crucial.”

DES – Digital Business World Congress develops an international roadshow
The DES2017 commitment to the international scene is reinforced in this second edition, with the organisation developing a roadshow that will visit the European capitals with the world’s most important technological ecosystems.

The United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Israel and Sweden have been some of the stops on the journey, where the organisation has also witnessed the general interest in “having a forum where companies can acquire knowledge about digitisation and get to know the best practice that will help them in their process,” says Lluis Altés.

Resulting from this tour, the new edition that will take place in Madrid (IFEMA) on 23, 24 and 25 May 2017, with the aim of turning the Spanish city into the global digital transformation capital, will have international pavilions featuring several different countries, including Israel, China, Belgium, Poland and Sweden. The latter is also the second edition’s guest country partner.

Sweden: Guest country partner

Sweden is the guest country partner for this second edition of DES – Digital Business World Congress, taking over from Israel. The country stands out on the global stage for its commitment to innovation and developing solutions and new business models linked to the digital economy. Sweden has connected the entrepreneurial world with major companies, the academic world and other successful entrepreneurs in order to facilitate not only the emergence of new companies, but also their development and growth.

Companies such as Skype, Spotify, MineCraft, Candy Crush, TocaBoca and TicTail are just some examples of the success of Sweden’s vision regarding digital transformation.

The first edition of Digital Enterprise Show brought together more than 18,000 professionals from 40 different countries in Madrid and the 2017 edition aims to emulate this success. Stand-out exhibiting companies included multinationals such as Accenture, Fujitsu, IBM, LinkedIn, Mediacloud, Microsoft, Salesforce, EMC, Everis, Google, HP Enterprise, Huawei, Intel, Oracle, Tecnalia, T-Systems, Vmware, Berepublic, Altran, CA Technologies, Dynatrace, Ericsson, FHios, Improove, Konica Minolta, Lenovo, SAS, Schneider Electric, Seidor, Siemens, UST Global, Banco Sabadell, Iberia,, NH Hotels and Ferrovial.

What is DES – Digital Business World Congress?

Digital Enterprise Show is the leading event in Digital Transformation that offers CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, CMOs, political leaders and HR chiefs, along with the most innovative tech companies and consultancies, the most cutting-edge technology solutions and products to guide major European corporations and SMEs towards the Digital Transformation. This includes technological solutions to improve customer experience, operational processes and business models in all industries.

Digital Enterprise Show is the only international event that approaches Digital Transformation as a holistic phenomenon affecting all company departments.

For this reason, the aim of DES2017 is based on providing experience through the exhibition area, which includes the participation of the leading international corporations currently developing technology solutions that facilitate the transformation process and knowledge, in a Digital Business World Congress that will bring together more than 450 talks from international speakers discussing subjects such as Digital Leadership, Cybersecurity and Big Data and Analytics, or emerging technologies such as Blockchain or Robotics.

The Digital Enterprise Show has the support of the Spanish Secretary of State’s Office for Telecommunications and Information Society (SETSI), the Madrid Provincial Government and Madrid City Council so that, together, they can make Madrid the global digital business capital. Moreover, DES2017 also has the support of Spanish trade and investment agency ICEX’s commercial offices to help promote the event with a twin goal: to attract top tech companies that want to increase their sales in the European market; and to help the Spanish tech sector export businesses and grow internationally.

The first edition welcomed more than 18,000 delegates and more than 200 exhibiting companies, which showed the latest tech innovations for guiding major corporations and SMEs in Europe towards Digital Transformation and the most disruptive business models. DES2017 also featured more than 40 partner companies, 450 speakers and 172 talks and roundtable discussions, with more than 120 hours of discussions about the digital transformation in 10 different industries.