The Disruptive Fourth Revenue
Stream for App Developers

There’s a significant new money maker for app developers

Mobile app developers have a tough gig sometimes. They create a beautiful, useful app that everyone wants to use but if they’re opting to offer it as a free download, the only way to make money is either through controversial in-app purchases or over-intrusive adverts.

The latter option will, of course, threaten to disrupt the user experience of their product, potentially leading to churned users. With this in mind, a disruptive Canadian company, Tutela Technologies, have created an entirely new way for app developers to make money that has absolutely no impact on user experience.

Anonymous Data Monetisation or ADM, offers app devs cash in exchange for location-based insights from their app, which are then passed to telecoms operators, helping them address ‘not-spots’ or black holes in their mobile network coverage.

This kind of data has never been more valuable to the telcos, as they ready their networks for the onset of IoT. As the profitability landscape continues to prove challenging for app developers, Tutela’s solution offers a win-win for everyone. Their code is currently installed on over 150 popular apps, providing them with over 1 billion network measurements each month, all being used to improve mobile coverage around the world.

“We have this piece of code that piggybacks inside their apps. It crowdsources harmless and anonymous data”  says Tutela CEO and Founder  Hunter Macdonald. “It’s incredibly easy to install – many of our customers say it’s the easiest SDK they’ve had to install.”

We recently spoke exclusively to Hunter to find out how ADM works and what it means for both telcos and app developers.

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