The Impact of natural language processing

Natural Language Processing is one of the most disruptive components of current AI technology and being able to interact with our devices in natural, ‘human’ way opens the doors to solve a huge variety of problems.

In 1950, English computer scientist Alan Turing developed the Turing Test where judges were unable to decipher who was who in human to machine conversations based on the way questions were asked and answered. However, anyone who used early versions of Apple’s Siri will know that its ability to understand questions spoken naturally was limited. In recent years the technology has come a long way and there are now a wide range of use-cases gaining traction and offering real business value.


As one of India’s flagship technology companies, HCL Technologies has firmly established itself as a global brand. It’s DryIce solution combines automation and orchestration together, allowing businesses to run their IT as ‘agile as a start up’. Enabling more than 40 micro services from a single platform, HCL DryICE is benefiting HCL’s customers across Digital and Next-Generation IT and IoT projects. HCL’s holistic NLP offering covers text extraction, grammar understanding, matching of situations to actions, external knowledge patterns and algorithms around emotion & tone analysis, voice processing and other functions.

DryIce recently won recognition at the inaugural AI Summit in London, picking up the Best Innovation in Natural Language Processing Award.

“We are delighted to have been recognised for our pioneering work in the AI space. This award gives testimony to the innovation and pragmatic implementation of Natural Language Processing in the 21st Century Enterprise.” said Kalyan Kumar, EVP & CTO of ITO & Digital at HCL Technologies. “Our DryICE platform is at the cutting edge of this innovation, with such functionality being embedded in many of the micro services we deliver.”

For the second part of our AI in Business Festival we spoke to Kalyan to find out more about DryIce and ask his predictions for what’s in store with NLP and AI in the enterprise.