Google’s EMEA Cloud Platform lead talks customer success.

Innovation in the enterprise is accelerating at such a rate that you can almost set your watch to predict when the next disruptive technology will come along.

Whether its mobility, machine learning or application development, Google can usually be traced back to the epicentre of much of this innovation. The company’s recent repackaging of their enterprise toolbox into a single brand, Google Cloud, was seen by many as a drive to aggressively target the productivity needs of larger organisations.

Their serverless application environments like App Engine, Container Engine, and Firebase are putting more power into the hands of developers than ever before, with high profile customers including Snapchat.

In the machine learning arena, their DeepMind project famously beat champions of board game Go at their own game and powers much of Spotify’s intelligent recommendations, not to mention those baked into their own search and YouTube products.

Barak Regev, Google

Underpinning it all is Google Cloud Platform, providing developers with the tools to build a range of programs from simple websites to complex, intelligent applications.

“At the core, basic, first layer we offer the platform, which is our own infrastructure which we’ve been externalising for the last four years” says Barak Regev, Director, Cloud Platform EMEA at Google.

“On top of that we offer premium APIs from machine learning, all the way to maps. On top that you have G-Suite – cloud means everything for us”

We recently caught up with Barak to record a podcast – listen below

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Google Next takes place between March 8–10, 2017 in San Francisco.