The State of IT TransformationInterview with Paul Russell, EMC

The State of IT Transformation report, jointly published by EMC and VMware as an analysis of more than 660 of their customers, produced some interesting findings about progress in IT transformation worldwide.

Many organisations are chasing IT cost efficiencies by virtualizing, standardizing and developing hybrid cloud architectures and regardless of geography or industry, most organizations reported wanting to improve their IT service strategy to run IT like a customer-focused business.

Key findings include:
●  90% reported they were evaluating or in proof of concept testing for hybrid cloud

●  90% said they believe having a documented IT transformation strategy or roadmap is critical to success, yet more than half reported having neither.

● 80% indicated they want to standardize services in a business-focused catalog with a self-service portal

● Healthcare participants scored themselves the lowest in more areas while prioritizing gaps in more areas than any other industry.

We recently spoke to Paul Russell, Senior Director of Global Services at EMC to discuss what the findings mean in the global race to transform IT. Listen below:

EMC’s president of Global Services, Kevin Roche gave his thoughts on the study in a post on EMC’s Reflections Blog.

Download the State of IT Transmation report below.