Achieving Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

“We need to think differently” about industrial data says HPE’s Xavier Poisson

Every business is in search of a faster, cheaper, and more reliable approach to their operational processes – none more so than manufacturing and asset-intensive industries. Forrester predicts that automation will displace 24 million jobs in the next ten years. Yet they also predict Industry 4.0 will create a further 14 million new technology-driven roles as these businesses invest in the talent and skills to realise their digital goals.

Early adopters of digital processes like robotic automation, predictive maintenance, and fleet management are reaping the rewards today through valuable insights, intensive cost savings and an increase operational performance. There is little doubt that for all industrial companies, now is the time to keep ahead of the curve and embrace digital transformation. When those late adopters finally arrive tomorrow, they will be met with a heavy price tag or be left behind altogether.


However, while many manufacturers and industrial organisations have already taken their first steps on the road digital transformation, they now find themselves ill-equipt to handle the sheer amount of data their connected assets produce, not to mention keep those same assets, and their data secure and compliant.

We recently spoke to Xavier Poisson, VP of WW Indirect Sales at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and leading light at Cloud28+ about why industrial firms need to think differently about how they manage and action their data and how the Cloud28+ ecosystem can help. Watch below.

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