The Cloud Security Threat Landscape

It’s no secret that much of the boardroom hesitation and doubt around the adoption of cloud services stems from concerns about security and compliance.

As cloud matures and becomes more widely adopted, there’s an ever-wider range of  sophisticated security threats that an enterprise security owner needs to consider.

Earlier this year the Cloud Security Alliance published their latest white paper ‘The Treacherous Twelve – Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2016’, sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The report listed the top 12 cloud security threats in order of severity and included the abuse of cloud services and vulnerabilities in APIs as being some of the top security concerns around cloud computing.


As part of our Cloud Security Guru series, Chief Technologist, Security for Hybrid IT at HPE, Simon Leech recently joined our team for a podcast to talk through the list and to discuss whether there’s a single silver bullet to overcome cloud security challenges.

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Download the Cloud Security Alliance report here.

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