Hybrid Cloud Security Best Practice

As demand for hybrid cloud continues to grow, many businesses are looking to ensure a seamless and secure link between the public cloud and their private infrastructure. 

A recent study jointly published by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and 451 Research revealed that the biggest drivers for organisations embracing a mix of public, private and managed clouds are improved IT operational agility for service delivery requirements and cost efficiencies relative to existing datacenter operations. However, security and compliance are ever-more critical requirements that are essential to fully leverage the true benefits of the hybrid model.

For the many organisations that operate in highly regulated industries or those that need to adhere to the ever-evolving data privacy landscape, having baked-in security controls for compliance and risk mitigation are essential to hybrid adoption.

As part of our Cloud Security Guru series we spoke to HPE’s Chief Evangelist for Cloud Security, Chris Steffen to find out more about the report and discuss creating a culture of security best practice for your hybrid cloud model.

Learn more about HPE Cloud Security and download their Critical Security and Compliance Considerations for Hybrid Cloud Deployments report by 451 Research.

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