“What’s Your Digital Dream?” SAP Contest Asks Small Business Owners

Peering into the Digital Dreams of US Small Businesses

SAP have announced the launch of their first ‘Dream Digital’ contest, focused on helping small business owners bring their digital dreams to life. Open to US firms until 1st May, it offers the chance to win SAP technology along with a $500 reward prize aimed at helping them transform and digitize their business.

“Small businesses in the US contribute immensely to the US economy.” says Madhur Aggarwal, GM of SAP Digital Commerce. “The Digital Dream contest has been arranged by SAP to provide an opportunity to celebrate these small businesses, but more importantly, to make their jobs a bit easier, by giving them access to the latest in SAP technology.”

Winners can win a prize worth a total of $4,320 including insights from SAP Digital Consumer Insight and a 1 year subscription to both SAP Digital CRM and WorkConnect.

Digital Consumer Insights data service uses customer location data to improve the effectiveness of marketing and sales, while SAP’s Digital CRM platform boasts an easy to use interface, simplified for small teams. Their recently launched WorkConnect suite is a recruiting platform which makes hiring easy by providing businesses with job posting tools and candidate matching, as well as collaboration tools. It speeds up the recruitment process by automatically populating multiple job boards with just a few clicks, helping businesses calm the chaos of recruitment.

Aggarwal  continues: “SAP offers small businesses throughout the US an opportunity to simplify the entire business process, along with providing these businesses with important insights, which in turn, allows businesses to make better business decisions, when it comes to customer engagement, marketing and other important areas of business.”

The winners of the event will be announced on May 5, 2017 during the United States’ National Small Business Week. Small business owners that wish to participate can do so by submitting a short video or essay pitching their digital dream. The submission process is open now and runs until April 23rd 2017. Submit your entry here