Why Hybrid IT is here to stay

With an ever-increasing pressure to stay ahead of the competition, business leaders need to embrace the pace of IT transformation.

Whether it’s moving legacy applications to the cloud or reducing OPEX through automation, IT leaders are fighting to keep up in a world where perpetual innovation is the new normal. If there’s one thing that’s clear in all of this it’s that hybrid cloud isn’t going anywhere. In fact the adoption of hybrid IT is expected to skyrocket in the next few years with cost and efficiency as key drivers.

Hybrid cloud makes sense as a route for large businesses with complex legacy architectures to go part-public. However, obvious concerns about security have stalled some from making the jump.

“We believe that hybrid is the best option for most companies.” said Xavier Poisson, Vice President of Hybrid IT at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “Customers should think about designing quantitative business outcomes for every step in their desired IT transformation.”

HPE are helping a wide range of private and public sector organisations in their transition to an agile digital business model. We spoke exclusively to Xavier to find out about delivering customer excellence and why CIOs should look beyond the hype to accept that hybrid cloud isn’t going anywhere.