Why Reykjavik’s new cutting-edge data center is big news for big business

The most advanced datacenter in Iceland is to be built in Reykjavik next year: why should this make enterprises outside of Iceland excited and confident about the IANIuture?

Because IT used for competitive advantage and the implications of it (such as cost of ownership, commitment) are limiting current innovation – possible, but set back. As the datacenter space in Iceland is running out, but the benefits do not: here is what is exciting for overseas enterprises and business leaders about this announcement.

Together with partners Vodafone Iceland (Fjarskipti hf), Korputorg Real Estate and the IT Service Center for the Icelandic Financial Market (Reiknistofa Bankanna), Opin Kerfi are building what today would be the most technologically advanced facility in the country in the well-travelled city of Reykjavik. The construction of the first data center in the capital area will start this year, and all going to plan is expected to have the first stages ready in 2019 (see announcement).

Why does this matter to international companies?

If any doubt about Iceland as datacenter location is out there, this high-end project should encourage more confidence than ever in international companies who are facing a digital transformation imperative with no sustainable or cost-effective options for massive growth.

The project is the result of confidence from analysing current domestic and international conditions and demand. This demonstrates forward-thinking, readiness and a simple approach to prospects in demand of datacenter space, security and capacity. Especially suitable for high performance workloads, the datacenter will be in immediate vicinity to connection, electricity and any services needed.

It is a fact that the way consumers behave and companies design IT is widely different than even 5 years ago. Leaders are defined by how effectively technology is used to meet customer’s needs. There is no better place for hyper-efficient, low-cost and highly sophisticated IT than Iceland.

Aren’t there already many datacenters in Iceland?

First and foremost, it is important to clarify that there are dramatic differences between datacenters, mostly depending on security and construction complexity (Tier).

While there are many datacenters of different Tier qualifications serving different customers, there has lately been a large demand for higher standards such as Tier III equivalent facilities. In order to give the experience of taking off as a business with the most sophisticated technology efficiently and sustainably, we are boosting the competition as well as accommodating requests both domestically and internationally for high-end data center solutions.

What is so special about Korputorg?

Truly a golden spot: within walking distance to one of the main electricity stations in the capital area, ensuring stable and uninterruptible power supply.

High performance fibre-optic cables are already installed on the spot. Located on a site with minimum interruption but within the capital area ensures speed in any service needed.

Located in Reykjavik, only 40 minutes drive from Keflavik International Airport and 15 minutes drive from the Reykjavik Domestic Airport this spot combines accessibility and convenience together with highest technology utilities.

To which industries is this project relevant?

This announcement specially interesting to industries relying on non-stop systems and the highest security level together with high consumption of power.

Previously, these requirements have been observed with clients putting their Research and Development HPC environments in Iceland (automotive, for example). These conditions are also optimal for the finance industry – where our first and main customer comes from.

Who is the first customer?

RB, the IT service centre for the Icelandic financial market, had the project to unite and simplify their IT operations in less locations, which led to a thorough analysis of possible sites and partners. Running the financial systems of Iceland – both business and consumer – RB relies on mission-critical infrastructure with zero downtime and the highest security requirements as a standard for facilities . This data center will provide a safe location in all aspects for the current systems and possibilities for future expansion.

We at Opin Kerfi are proud of this partnership and look forward to challenge the competition in sustainable, hyper-efficient data centers contributing to accelerating human progress powered by technology that does not compromise the future of our planet or security of IT operations.

About the Author

This article was written by Anastasia Alexandersdottir, international business development and marketing manager at  Opin Kerfi.

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