Why the right go-to-market strategy is critical for delivering IoT

“If you connect the unconnected, incredible things can happen.”

These are the optimistic words of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Global VP of OEM and IoT Go To Market, Pete Murray. With their acquisitions of firms like Aruba and Niara, with edge and platform solutions, and with their partner ecosystem, HPE has positioned their approach to IoT enablement as a holistic one, also acknowledging the two biggest question marks: the security and latency of the data.

Big data is a name that doesn’t do it justice. With billions of IoT/IIoT devices and sensors now connected that each spit out a continuous stream of information, there is more information than people know what to with.

HPE’s Pete Murray

“We’re putting a lot of energy into making sure we have service capabilities there, to be able to help our customers with those challenges, whether they be around connectivity, whether they be around compute or software management,” Murray told us recently.

Their focus on edge intelligence and security opens up a world of opportunity for industrial firms to create new revenue streams, cut costs and enhance both the security and safety of their operations. Thanks to HPE’s rich partner ecosystem, which includes Microsoft, GE Digital and Tata Communications, they are able to offer organisations a one-stop route to digital transformation.

“We believe that to solve IoT problems is going to need a lot of IoT companies coming together with different levels of expertise – we drive one of the largest partner ecosystems in the industry.”

We recently spoke to Pete in detail about HPE’s IoT vision – listen below