Why Your Business Should Be Using Chatbots

The business case for using chatbots is undeniable

AI-driven bots that interact with customers to find what they’re looking for are increasingly delivering the goods for businesses and consumers alike.

Thanks to their ability to respond instantly and around the clock, they can offer a competitive advantage, while simultaneously helping to lower staffing costs. Their interactivity means they can provide valuable information to potential or existing customers on demand, 24/7. By finding out what customers are looking for, businesses can adjust their more valuable support resources to prioritize more lucrative or complicated tasks.

Gartner predicts that 85% of all customer interaction will need no human input by 2020 and chatbots are beginning to move beyond customer service and into marketing.

“From a business point of view, they will gain a lot of advantages,” predicts JoseLuis Takahashi from LINE Corporation. He feels marketers are missing a trick with bot-use, especially when it comes to click through rate.

“A lot of corporations are investing a tremendous amount advertising their products. When comparing that investment to developing a chatbot, it’s actually much more convenient and can provide more click through.”

Last year, Japanese tech giant LINE Corporation moved into the chatbot space by launching free LINE BOT API trial accounts that allow anyone to develop chatbots for them. LINE’s chat platform competes with the likes of Whassap and WeChat and it boasts a healthy market share in Asia.

We recently spoke to Mr Takahashi in depth. Listen below or on on Apple Podcasts.