The world’s most capacity-dense flash storage

As an undisputed market leader in data storage, Hewlett Packard Enterprise continue to help customers unlock the value of their data and recently announced updates to their 3PAR StoreServ flash portfolio. 

All-flash storage has enabled business transformation for a large number of customers and HPE’s focus on speed, affordability and enterprise-class data services has led to rapid growth for the 3PAR family of all-flash arrays.  This is no doubt why HPE saw the strongest year on year growth of any enterprise storage vendor in the first quarter of 2016 and their new portfolio refresh boasts the world’s most capacity-dense all flash system, persistent storage and flash integration for enhanced data protection.

Containers and Docker

As enterprise customers embrace DevOps methodologies, containers offer a new approach to application development production and deployment with persistent storage key to production operations. To meet these requirements, HPE recently announced integration with Docker Engine, allowing their customers to harness the power of Docker to increase app production.

We recently spoke to HPE’s Senior Director of Storage Vish Mulchand and their UK&I Storage Director Paul Enion to hear more about the latest updates to 3PAR StoreServ.

Listen below:

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